Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase

It's a Book! It's a Record! It's a Movie for your Ears!

School and Library Visits

Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase will come to your school or library!

Our school and library visits are geared towards a young audience but grown-ups will enjoy them too!

Brian tells the epic, mythical story through poetry and song and Valerie “cranks” the cranky box with 30 foot long illustrations accompanying the songs for a low tech music video extravaganza. Performances end with a question and answer period exploring the creative process—visual, musical and literary. We LOVE sharing Ivy with young people. Our Ivy is a labor of love, rich with imagination, adventure, hope and childhood empowerment. We want to share the message. Inspired by our own children and our own childhoods, we feel a special connection to the open richness of young minds. And children ask the most interesting and insightful questions!

Performances are geared to last one hour but can be shortened (or lengthened) to fit a school day’s schedule.

Cost: $300 per one a hour performance. We can do multiple performances within a day’s schedule and will adjust fees with a discount for quantity.


Zilker Elementary Library, Austin

Faulk Central Library, Austin

Faulk Central Library, Austin

Ivy’s Dream, from the recording of Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase–”Cranky” performance Video